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IRIS HD USB – intraoral camera



The new IRIS HD USB 3.0 brings the smallest details into brilliant full-screen high-resolution focus.  With dual capture buttons and one-touch focus, control is always within reach.  IRIS HD even knows when to turn itself on and off when you pick it up and set it down.

Extreme clarity in HD is obtained with the IRIS HD precision optical lens array and Sony’s advanced HD sensor for the finest picture quality.

Bring the power of the new IRIS Intraoral Camera into every operatory. This precision optical instrument features an easy to use 5-point Focus Wheel and unique USB connector that fits in a standard delivery unit. The elegantly streamlined profile has a much smaller, specially designed soft-tip with brilliant 8-point LED lighting and Sony’s Hi-Resolution CCD for the finest picture quality. Best in it’s class. (intra-oral)

  • Brilliant 8-point white LED lighting and precision optical lenses for best-of-class image sharpness
  • Slimmer, smaller soft-tip on stainless steel
  • Dual capture buttons for easy left and right hand use
  • Multi-stop Focus Wheel for precise focusing from macro to infinity
  • Lights and camera / on/off buttons


Recommended Uses: See the list below for compatible software

Eaglesoft 12.0 or higher | Patterson Imaging 11.0 | Schick CDR 3.5 | DexImage | Dentrix | Image 4.5 | Easy Image | DENT-X ProImage | Apteryx | ImageXL | XLDent |  Patient Gallery | Kodak Digital Imaging | Tigerview | Visix | CaptureLink | Adstra | Mogo | XDR Digital Radiography | ClearDent | Sidexis

Download IRIS Drivers from our pages


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